Lab Partners Relaunch!


The day is finally here! The day we relaunch!


Thanks so much for your patience. Click here to visit our Kickstarter page. We have a fun commercial we made and a lot of information on our project.

Those of you who read our blog regularly (thanks mom!) might notice that we planned on launching back in February. So, what happened?

We said at the end of our last Kickstarter that we wanted to have complete artwork or close to it, we wanted to have some reviews, and come up with some great stretch goals. Well, all of that took a bit longer than we hoped, but we are so pleased with the results.

I started writing another blog post a while back entitled “It takes what it takes.” I think this is an important thing for new businesses to remember… you are not just building a product, you are building a brand. Don’t skimp on what makes a board game fun. All board games have something unique about them that make them fun, but some things are more universal to a specific genre. For example, if you came has custom illustrations, then more than likely that is part of what makes the game fun! Don’t skimp on the artwork!

I wanted to take some time to plug a product that I believe in… They don’t sponsor us or anything, but I love this resources; and if you are a board game maker, then you will find great value in “The White Box” by Atlas Games. If nothing else, it has great components for you to use without borrowing from your other games (I’m so sorry Pandemic… I’ll find and return your viruses). On top of all that, it comes with a great book that leaves you asking yourself the important questions (for one, “why are you making this game?”) that will help you get your game made.

I love sharing what I learn as I go. What have you learned in making games? Have you used “The White Box” for anything you’ve made? What have you played lately?