Lab Partners Updates

Life is busy. We've been busy at work on both Lab Partners and one of our other games that I'm excited to reveal soon. It has been a while since I last posted, so I wanted to take time to update our past and future backers. 

First, a minor setback. Our wonderful artist has become a bit too busy in life to get the art done in time for our next launch. We love him and wish him the best. Because of this, we've have a brand new artist! The artwork may change a bit, but the game will be the same game we all love. Here is a sample from our artist:


I said that Lab Partners would be the same game, but that isn't completely true. There are two changes to tell you about. The first of which is we are revising the rule book to make the base game easier to learn. Younger or new players can learn how to play without the fear of sabotage from their fellow science interns. Secondly, thanks to Top Tier's very own Tierney, some Kickstarter backers, and fellow creators, we are going to be adding a solo mode! So if you are looking for a game to challenge yourself, Lab Partners has got you covered.

Since we first launched, we had an exciting play through with one of our local backers who gave us so much great feedback. Thanks so much Victory Point Overflow! The gaming community is incredible, and we are so privileged to be part of it. I look forward to demoing our next game to them soon.

Are you local to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area? If so, we'd love to come hang out with you all! Email us, or sign up on our contact list and we will try to have a fun game night with you!