The First 24

It's been 24 hours since launching our Kickstarter; and let me tell you, I'm overflowing with excitement right now. Pushing the big green button felt amazing, and I can't keep myself from refreshing our page every 5 minutes.  I'm excited to see just how much buzz we create! Here are the stats so far:

lp day 1.PNG

* We have backers located in:
   * US
   * Netherlands
   * Germany
   * Finland
   * Canada
   * Luxembourg
   * Ireland
   * UK

Through all the excitement, I have to say the most touching thing is the community. We received so many great suggestions and encouraging words through the comments of our Kickstarter. It is refreshing to have a community of people that care for our project as much as we do.

For those of you who haven't backed yet, there is still time to get in on the early bird special! Click here to view at our project and back us!

Jeff TindellComment