More LP Updates!

I just wanted to update everyone that we haven’t forgotten about our wonderful backers. We’ve been busy at work with our new cards, and I wanted to show you a few of them:

One of our Chemical Cards. © Top Tier Games LLC 2018

One of our Chemical Cards. © Top Tier Games LLC 2018

A number of our product cards are finished as well. I wanted to share one of my favorites even though this one isn’t completely done:

Symbols will replace words on the bottom. © Top Tier Games LLC 2018

Symbols will replace words on the bottom. © Top Tier Games LLC 2018

I just love that card, and can’t wait till the final version is done. I’ll be sure to show you when that comes out.

Patience is a virtue…

It is a difficult thing to wait for the relaunch. I’d love to slap some pictures up on a Kickstarter and go again, but as those large words up there state… “Patience is a virtue.” During the many weeks of getting the game ready, we’ve been able to come up with a few additional game modes: Single player, basic, and advanced play modes. Here are a few thoughts behind those:

Single Play

Personally, this was a hard sell for me. I love games because they allow people to play together. Taking away the social element made the game seem less fun. I mean, the game is called Lab Partners, and with only one person, it’s just… Lab… Well, I was wrong, and I’m so glad that I listened to my business partners on this one. We made a very fun single play mode, and with a few scenarios, you can challenge yourself to win under a round limit.

Basic Play

I love the way our game plays. It adds a bit of cooperative with a large amount of sabotage and just the right amount of luck. That being said, I had a few people tell me they felt the game was a bit too cut throat. That may be fine for me and my friends during a game night, but if I want to play with my family, I needed a separate set of rules. Introducing a trimmed down set of rules that allow players to trade cards and make chemicals without the fear of sabotage.

Advanced Play

We call it “advanced,” but this game is not that complicated. If you’ve been following the game, then you are familiar with this rule set. That being said, we’ve made making the chemicals a bit easier to do, so sabotage is a bit more encouraged.


One of the things we said from the very beginning is that we value transparency. At this time, we are tracking to finish our artwork, order prototypes, get reviews, and relaunch in Q1 of 2019. This is great news for a small company like us. Of course we wish that we could launch sooner; but in order to bring you the best game, we stick to that timeline.

Thanks once again to all those who backed us! I will keep you updated as I get more news. Look forward to bringing you a great game shortly!